Terms of Trade

Below are our terms of trade. When you place an order with Pasifika Trading you do so in full agreement with these terms of trade. Terms of trade are shown on all invoices.

1. All goods remain the property of Pasifika Trading until paid for in full.

2. "Customers placing orders on our website are liable for these purchases. Once orders are submitted to Pasifika Trading they cannot be cancelled and customers are legally bound to the purchase. If a customer wants to change an order we will always do our best to make this possible, but it cannot be guaranteed".

3. General payment terms are Telegraphic Transfer of the full amount of the invoice in New Zealand Dollars to our Bank account in New Zealand within 30 days from the date of Invoice (all invoices are dated on the day the ship or flight departs New Zealand). New customers may have shorter payment terms (i.e. in advance or 7 days) until a trading history is established.

4. In the event that the customer does not agree with the invoice (i.e. items damaged, missing or different to the description on the invoice) the customer must make all claims in writing (email) to Pasifika Trading within 48 hours of receiving the cargo. It is vital that all goods received are thoroughly checked as no claim will be considered after 48 hours. Damaged goods must be accompanied by digital photographs for insurance purposes.

If we are notified of a claim with 48 hours of receiving the goods. Pasifika will negotiate a settlement with the customer in good faith. When the settlement is agreed by both parties Pasifika will issue an amended invoice if required.


When you place an order with us, you do so in full agreement with our terms of trade.