Pasifika Trading is an export only company. We hold accounts with over 200 suppliers spread from one end of New Zealand to the other. In most cases we buy directly from the grower or processor ensuring the freshest product at the best price.

We have thousands of product lines available and we are continually sourcing a variety of new and exciting products for our customers. Our customers know they can request any type of food from us and if we don´t already have access to it, we will track it down and negotiate the best price for them.

Our existing customers use Pasifika´s online ordering system. Each customer has their own database with their own pricing enabling them to place orders online, view statements and print shipping documentation such as Air and Sea Waybills making the process of import easy.

You can browse some of our products here. No pricing is shown. If you would like to know more, simply email us and tell us what products you would like us to price and in what quantities and we will forward you a firm quote by sea or airfreight, whichever you prefer.


We buy direct from the grower or the producer, insuring the freshest product at the best price