About the Owner

Mike Massey is the owner of Pasifika Trading Limited. Mike has owned and operated several successful businesses based both in New Zealand and in the Pacific Islands. As a result Mike understands the challenges facing owners and managers who operate businesses in remote locations.

"New Zealand is a small country but we are a massive food producer. Approximately 80% of all the food processed in New Zealand is exported. More than 50% of New Zealand´s earnings (over NZD $15 billion is derived from food exports".

"We are an export only company and hold accounts with over 200 suppliers spread from one end of New Zealand to the other. In most cases we buy directly from the grower or processor ensuring the freshest product at the best price. My customers know they can request any type of food from us and if we don´t already have access to it, we will track it down and negotiate the best price for our customer".

"I take great pride in finding solutions for my customers, as each has very different needs. It´s my job to customise our logistics to meet my customer´s needs, this is not always easy but it´s what sets us apart from our competitors".

"There are two aspects to my business which are vital. The first is to provide quality foods at a great price. The second is to make the logistics of importing foods easy for my customers. No matter how good the products are, if the service delivery isn´t smooth and simple customers will look elsewhere. My main focus is to make the import of quality food easy. We work closely with our customers to ensure speedy delivery of documentation so that the cargo is pre cleared through customs before its arrival".

"We export an extensive range of food by air and sea to large hotels and resorts weekly. These relationships are very important to me, so I travel extensively through the Pacific region ensuring I spend quality time with all of my customers".

"I look forward to meeting you and discussing how Pasifika can assist you with your future requirements".

Kind regards

Mike Massey


It's not just about providing quality foods, it's about making the whole process easy for my customers